1. Standard Usage

1. When you use medium heat choose proper burner size which guides the flame into a center of a flame guidance hole.
If a flame is bigger than a flame guidance hole it will heat the Drip Pan and cause to have smoke.

2. Place Drip Panand a baking pan in order then align. If not, please do not use.

3. While you are placing your food on the Grill Pan avoid covering center hole with food. Give some space between foods in order not to block grease holes. If you block these holes your cooking time would be elongated.

4. After covering a lid firmly you start to bake with medium or low heat (flame height:2~3cm).
this product will allow you to cook your food with lower than medium heat

Based on food type it is good idea to pour some water into the Drip Pan for Steaming & Easy cleaning.

Do not place your lid around cold water after each use. Otherwise it will be broken.

Before use Before first use, wash the entire product in dish-washing detergent using a sponge or a soft dish towel.

This product can be used on household kitchen gas range or portable gas burner. It has limited use on other heating equipment that does not produce flames and rising heat, such as hot plate, halogen heat or induction cooker.

2. Using Bakery Pan & Steam Pot

Baking : Put the Bakery Pan instead of Grill Pan on the top of Drip Pan
Steam : Put the Steam Pot instead of Drip Pan
※After boiling, and then place the food on the Grill Pan
※Please do adjustment of the fire so that it does not boil over.

3. Fire Control

You don't need Strong Heat!, Medium or Low Heat is OK!

Select the size of the burner head so flames on medium heat gently rise to the center without flaring up outside the funnel of the heat inflow tube. If the burner head is larger than the central heat passage of the oil receiver, or flames flare out excessively, the oil receiver may overheat. Do not use the product if this happens.

4. Caution

Caution Product is Hot!

  1. Be careful not to touch the hot surface in order to avoid getting burned while cooking.
  2. Handle with care, use safety cooking gloves when opening the cover and remember to turn off the fire after you finish your cooking.
  3. Always grip the knob on lid using the handle when removing the lid and keep the lid on a safe place.
  4. Do not open the cover or place your hands over the center hole of the grill pan while you are cooking.
  5. Do not cover center hole of the grill pan with food.
  6. Be careful not to let the fat grease which can be released from the ingredient overflow into the fat gathering pan.
  7. Be careful not to dislocated the product from the top of the stove burner when you cook.
  8. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the product with sharp metal cooking utensils.
  9. While grill pan is still hot, do not pour water over the glass of the lid and do not submerge in cold water.
  10. Wash with a soft sponge in warm water and mild detergent after every use.
  11. Before and after use, always check for damage and repair any damages you may see.
  12. Keep away from children.