• Roasted Chicken Drumsticks

    # Required number of drumsticks, salt and pepper

    1. Rinse the drumsticks and pat dry.
    2. Season with salt and pepper.
    3. Roast for 15 minutes on medium heat and for further 10 to 15 minutes on low heat until the drumsticks turn golden brown.

    (Italian seasoning recommended.)

  • Herb Beef Steak

    # Beef steak, olive oil, salt and various kinds of herbs, a variety of vegetables

    1. Season steak and diagonally cut potatoes with salt and herbs. Evenly coat them with olive oil and place them on the roasting plate.
    2. Roast for 1 minute on slightly high heat and about 10 minutes more on medium heat.
    3. Serve with barbecue sauce.

  • Pork Ribs

    # 1Kg Pork ribs and seasoning mix

    1. Leave ribs in water for a while to remove blood and marinate in seasoning mix for a day.
    2. Roast for 30 minutes on medium heat until the bone comes smoothly out of meat.
    3. Coat ribs with seasoning mix and roast for another 10 minutes.

  • Pork Belly

    # Pork belly, salt, pepper, lettuce, sesame leaves, etc.

    Cut pork belly strips into small sizes, and place them on the roasting plate.
    Put the lid back on and roast for 7~10 minutes on medium heat.
    # Once roasted, the inside temperature goes up, and the next roasting requires 5~7 minutes on medium heat.

    # When roasting a large quantity of pork belly, make sure the oil receiver does not overflow.

  • Broiled Eels

    # 400g Eel (medium size) and seasoning mix

    1. Cut cleaned eels into 7cm pieces, and make a series of shallow small cuts at 1 cm intervals on both sides for better penetration of seasoning.
    2. Broil on the roasting plate for 5~7 minutes and switch the oven off. Coat both sides of eels with seasoning mix and broil for a further 10 minutes on low-medium heat.

    # Coat eels with seasoning mix several times for a distinctive and unique flavor.

  • Grilled Fish

    # Mackerel/ Mackerel pike
    1. After gutting and cleaning fish, fold it open and spread on salt.
    2. Grill for 15~20 minutes on medium heat.

    # Hairtail
    Spread out aluminum foil on the roasting plate and pour on a small amount of cooking oil.
    Place hairtail and grill for 15~20 minutes on medium heat.