1. Standard Usage

1. Starting a fire (by tissue, twigs or an ignition agent)

2. Fuel input (charcoal, oak, wood chips, etc.)

3. Start cooking when transparent flame can be seen (soot occurs at yellow flame)

4. Add charcoal and fire control (soot occurs when raw wood is added)

5. Extinguishing (the handle to be positioned at extinguishing and lid closed)

Before Using
Joycook CampGrill, as a product burning charcoal or wood, may generate flame, high heat, smoke, and combustible gas; please do not use in a place where ventilation is not adequate; please make sure to observe all the aspects of the instruction manual; please check all the components and whether it is properly assembled after unpacking it.

Guidance for the first use
On the surface, including a combustion cylinder, of the product prior to use, there may remain a layer of oil used in the manufacturing process. With the first use, smoke or odor may be generated due to this layer of oil burning. After its first use, heat discoloration may occur; however, it does not occur due to a product defect. Because Joycook CampGrill is used at high temperatures, there may occur some discoloration on each part of the product after use: however, it does not occur due to a product defect.

2. When Using an Ignition Agent

When using a solid or gel-type ignition agent in Turbo mode, ignite after placing it on the ash collection pan or combustion cylinder floor or spraying it.

What is a Turbo Mode? - A maximum open state with the upper handle turned counterclockwise.


How to Use a Gel-Type Ignition Agent When using Wood pellets?
Because wood pallets, as a fuel, have reduced air flow, ignite after sprinkling the ignition agent on the fuel.

3. Fire Control

Fire Control and Extinguishing Procedures - the remaining charcoal can be re-used after it is extinguished.

  • How to adjust the fire─rotate the upper handle (counter-clockwise─stronger / clockwise─extinguishing)
  • How to extinguish─place the upper handle at the extinguishing position─Close the combustion cylinder cover (complete extinguishing)


Please only wash or move it after confirming the combustion cylinder is completely cooled!